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OIT is jumping right into IoT and coding with PIPER :)

"The Easiest Way To Teach STEM In Schools"

Want an engaging STEM experience for your kids or keen to get into the Internet of Things (IoT) revolution? OIT has 5 Raspberry Pi based Piper Kits (best used with 2-3 kids collaborating at a time) that we take around to schools and to our digital events so if you're interested in having a Piper Jam just get in touch via the form below! Clicking on the link above takes you to the Piper website for more details on the kit.

Piper is a general use computer
You can surf the web, play games, learn coding and electronics and access powerful programs like Raspberry Pi Edition of Minecraft, Scratch, Mathematica, and SonicPi. Raspberry Pi Edition of Minecraft is an incredible 3D design platform that encourages kids to create. Scratch is one of the most popular beginner programming languages. Piper also comes with a browser to surf the internet and LibreOffice which is a powerful utility for making documents, presentations and spreadsheets
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