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Game of Drones

FVP Racing and Drone Shows

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Contact: Tim Neeson or complete the form below

Get ready Kalgoorlie for a fun new sport that’s taking the world by storm - First Person View (FPV) Drone Racing!! Most people now know about drones and quadcopters and FPV simply involves having a small video camera mounted on the nose of the drone that streams live video to an operator wearable goggles. The operator is then immersed in the fast paced action much like the Podracing of Star Wars fame.  

We are organising this annual event to bring more adventure Tourism to the Goldfields and to develop engagement and innovation in the Drone Making and Operating Community and are working toward a unique outdoor course involving sculptures and natural features as racing waypoints. We also hope this event will become an annual fixture and be part of the Australian FPV Racing Circuit!!

Competitors can be up and running anywhere from $400 to $1500+ for a 250 Class rig and the event will also be open to Hobby-Drone operators (who can film the action and have their own challenges) and to demonstrations of Industrial and Mapping, 'Payload & Purpose" UAVs and UAS's etc.

So if you are interested in Making, spectating, participating, sponsoring or supporting this initiative please complete the Survey/Expression of Interest below and like the Facebook page to get involved. We really appreciate your feedback here to help us gauge interest in this initiative

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Note: Safety is our top priority and soon we’ll be reaching out to the CKB & Airport, RC Car & Aeromodeller community, Hobby-Drone enthusiasts and Industrial and Mining UAV & UAS professionals et al to get them involved in producing a safe, entertaining and multifaceted event. Thanks again for your support! 

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