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Worried about your organisations security and exposure to crypto-viruses? OIT has the answer with industry leading Cisco-Meraki MX appliances - the Cisco Meraki MX 64/65 Small Business Security Appliance is suitable for most SMEs under 50 users.

With Enterprise grade:

  • web based management
  • firewalling
  • intrusion prevention
  • client and device quarantining
  • web content filtering
  • safe-search enforcement
  • anti-virus and anti-phishing
  • Advanced Malware Protection and Threat Grid
  • Dual WAN & 4g failover if your ADSL goes offline
  • automatic firmware upgrades and security patches to name just a few features.

The full list of specs can be found here. The MX64W and MX65W are Wi-Fi enabled and include the ability to have easy and isolated guest access to your internet without exposing your corporate network and without the need for a second ADSL connection.

These are the go-to internet edge appliance to protect your organisation and is currently recommended by NBN Co. for their new Sky Muster Satellite network customers.

Call Tim on 0437 129 880 or email security@originalit.com.au anytime for more info or to arrange a trial

Note: GbE refers to Gigabit Ethernet Ports & PoE is Power over Ethernet

Note: GbE refers to Gigabit Ethernet Ports & PoE is Power over Ethernet

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